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I Am Sorry

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In a dilemma as how to make up for blunders, unintended or otherwise? Know it as a fact that mere words will never suffice. Apologies coming from the bottom of your heart need to be expressed emphatically with a gift from the amazing range of choices at our website ��. Rest assured that such a gesture will not go in vain and let you down. �Sorry Gifts�, very artfully customized to suit the gravity and solemnity of the occasion can be ordered to be delivered from our established online portal. Elegant flower baskets, bunches and bouquets are readily available and can even be combined with cuddly teddies, irresistible chocolates and crunchy nuts galore. On your request personalized �sorry� notes or cards (no charge) can be tagged to the gifts; �Sorry for taking you for granted�, �You can find it in your heart to forgive me�, �Don�t keep me away� and �Life is incomplete without you� are some of the umpteenth messages you can convey to your sweetheart or loved one through �� � and we promise that it will go a long way in to making amends or bridging the gap for you. Also, look out for the freshly baked cakes if your loved one has an insatiable sweet tooth � they will surely whet his/her appetite and all grudges, grouses, sour feelings and heart-burn may well be a thing of the past and all forgotten and forgiven. This is the magic of �� which is painstakingly on the job both in India and abroad to satisfy your whims and fancies and guide you as to how to make it right!


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The innocence of flowers touches everyone across age and color, caste and creed. Born to adorn the heavens, flowers are a joy on earth. Flowers are intoxicating, enhance the feelings of love and instantly cheer up the mood of anyone who receives them.

Visit and order from the hundreds of varieties and arrangements of your favorite flowers for your favorite people across India and the globe. The collection is large and the categories easy to browse depending on the occasion.

You could easily choose from your favorite flowers and leave the rest to them---the flowers! They will do all the talking for you. Pick from roses, lilies, carnations, gerberas, orchids, gladiolus and some lucky bamboo plants to send to your loved ones. Roses in different colors be it red, yellow, white, pink each color conveys a different emotion.

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