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Fruits Baskets

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Imagine an assortment of an exotic basket laden with the freshest fruit you can find under the sun � breeze into �� and behold this wonderful site. A range of the most luscious, freshest fruits are available at the click of your mouse. They can be either ordered separately or you can have them accompanied with beautiful and fresh flowers. These come in the most amazing combinations � for e.g. combined with the hundred roses, they will be sent of three consecutive days. Red, green and purple juicy grapes, lovely pineapples, tangy oranges and crunchy apples are a few that comprise the choice in the luxury fruit basket. Combine them with the enticing flowers and let them convey the volumes of your love and affection you wish to deliver to your dear ones. Special moments like anniversaries require special gifts and it is also are the ideal time to display your emotion and feelings for those people who are special to you. Needless to say these attractive hampers are a powerhouse of good health and well being for people of all ages � young and old � ideal for family, friends, corporate clients , etc. whether in India or abroad. Foodies or health freaks � all will appreciate this wholesome gift on their tables and the pleasure to satiate and satisfy you and your special people is totally ours � your �� hosts!


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The innocence of flowers touches everyone across age and color, caste and creed. Born to adorn the heavens, flowers are a joy on earth. Flowers are intoxicating, enhance the feelings of love and instantly cheer up the mood of anyone who receives them.

Visit and order from the hundreds of varieties and arrangements of your favorite flowers for your favorite people across India and the globe. The collection is large and the categories easy to browse depending on the occasion.

You could easily choose from your favorite flowers and leave the rest to them---the flowers! They will do all the talking for you. Pick from roses, lilies, carnations, gerberas, orchids, gladiolus and some lucky bamboo plants to send to your loved ones. Roses in different colors be it red, yellow, white, pink each color conveys a different emotion.

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